Launch of Alternative Treatments

Alternative Treatments | Yoga | Meditation | Ayurveda

My passion is sharing the messages of the Conscious Community for my own Self Realization. I will be sharing about alternative treatments and their effectiveness from the experts I have been privileged to know and learn about. Many of them have become friends during my five years of doing Social Media for Bhakti Fest.

Bhakti Fest Alternative Health Treatments | Yoga | Kirtan | Meditation - Joshua Tree California

I will be featuring Essential oils, aromatherapy diffusers, yoga retreats and yoga clothing for sale to increase my Artha.

Artha is Sanskrit for Prosperity. Artha is considered one of the chief aims of human life in Hinduism.

If anyone wishes to increase their Artha I offer a complimentary 33-minute phone or in person consultation. I have twenty-five years of Internet Marketing experience that I am willing to share.

This is a Starter Shopify Store I purchased so please be patient while I get it going.


Gerry Grant